Can Gard Nergaard / Michael Krumins reinvent Norwegian folk music? F**k yeah, of course we can!

The duo Gard Nergaard / Michael Krumins unites two unruly virtuosos in the creative continuation of Norwegian folk music. Nergaard’s compositions are soaring and groundbreaking, but with clear roots in the musical tradition of southern Norway where he comes from. Krumins has a unique musical surplus and open-mindedness and is known as one of the most charismatic guitarists in the Norwegian scene.

When the two meet on stage in fiery harmony, they put the music to the test with a reckless playfullness and weave a universe of myths and stories so you would think ghosts and the Devil himself could show up anytime! The audience is left in suspense…


”Å legge på svøm” – meaning ”to set out swimming” –  is about reaching for new waters, while knowing that you are still swimming in the same sea as all of those to whom you are indebted in the tradition that precedes you. Gard Nergaard / Michael Krumins are aiming high with this ambitious and visionary continuation of a complete artistic universe.

Freshly composed traditional music with deep roots in the South Norwegian traditions, soaring and turbulent, surrounded by a book with stories around each tune – everything from everyday events in the streets of Paris, through dramatic adventures in Mozambique all the way to apocalyptic dreams in the valleys of Southern Norway – and a piece of art by the sharp-sighted, young artist Lena Trydal. The album is thus enveloped in a beautiful book of 36 pages, with stories in Norwegian and English laguage, artwork and music side by side. The album will be released at Folkelarm 2017 – where Gard Nergaard / Michael Krumins have been selected to be one of this year’s festival artists.

By ”Å legge på svøm” the duo Gard Nergaard / Michael Krumins demonstrates in a captivating way that folk music is now!

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Gard Nergaard violin, mandolin

Michael Krumins guitar